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Jim Hart

"We brought together leaders in leadership development and coaching, behavioral scientists, and AI Machine Learning experts to develop our own assessment models. GoMe.ai is a game-changing platform that enables organizations of all sizes to provide their workforce with high-quality, cost-effective leadership development and coaching to help individuals grow and organizations align towards their priorities."

Jim Hart, Founder and CEO

Our Leadership Team


Jim Hart
Founder, CEO


Diana Ott
Founder, Chief Financial Officer


Yung Kim
Founder, Chief Product Officer


Fernando De Gasperis
Founder, Chief Technology Officer


Adam Ayers, PhD
Chief Behavioral Scientist


Nick Neuhausel
Senior Advisor


Laura Basha, PhD
Senior Advisor


Glenn Fox, PhD
Science Advisor


Celeste Rothstein
Communications Lead


Abhilash Utchil
Product Owner


Eva Robboy
UX Design Lead

Trusted Partners

At Canvas we believe change is not about conforming to external events but rather an internal process of transforming perspectives through critical reflection, self-awareness and self-motivation. We work at the intersection of human growth and organizational needs to ignite transformational change.
With Elation's ability to uniquely assess and visualize your organizational wellbeing and proven mindset training based in neuroscience, your leaders and teams will improve their performance, while also reducing their risk of burnout and improving retention rates.
After more than 25 years working as leaders in and management consultants with some of the world’s leading organizations, we pursue our passion to focus on only one thing: creating awe-inspiring cultures. We drive culture transformation through executive team alignment, leadership development, and neuroscience that transforms leaders and organizations from the inside-out.