Our purpose is to inspire leaders through learning and growth to build thriving teams and organizations.

The Premise

We know that with proper coaching, an organization can develop its leaders. We also know that the high cost and time-consuming nature of traditional coaching limits an organization’s ability to deploy leadership coaching throughout its workforce. CI Coach™ was built from the ground up to empower organizations to provide their workforce with broad access to leadership coaching. CI Coach helps users develop essential skills for successful leadership: continuous learning, clear communication, effective meetings, positive group dynamics, the ability to navigate difficult situations, and organizational alignment.

Enterprise Alignment

The success of an organization is directly connected to how well its workforce aligns with and acts on its priorities. Effective leadership at all levels is essential to an organization’s ability to work together effectively. Good leaders align their teams with the larger organization’s purpose and motivate those around them to achieve common goals using an innovative, collaborative, and inclusive approach. Conversely, poor leadership can make a workplace environment that is stagnant, filled with internal rivalry, and lacking the inclusion and collaboration needed to meet team objectives, much less organizational goals.

The Science

People behave differently. Different people have unique tendencies that influence how they contribute or create friction in their teams. These behavioral tendencies become more pronounced depending on personal history, individual style, and interactions in and out of the workplace. We mapped these behavioral tendencies based on two principles: The Thriving principle of performance and the Robust Life™ principle of core behavior. The Thriving principle identifies aspects of effectiveness commonly found in successful individuals and high-performance teams. These dimensions are measured in terms of outlook, endurance, flexibility, receptivity, inquiry, aim, stake, clarity, and initiative. The Robust Life™ principle defines the aspects of core behavior in an individual: cognition, volition, affect, relation, reflection, evaluation, and transcendence. By measuring and tracking these performance and existential aspects of individual and group behavior, we can apply machine learning models to predict one’s behavior at the individual and group levels.